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Image by Veronica Reverse

Building the New Earth

The Givers Gathering Co-Op is a Humanitarian Community project founded by 5DFullDisclosure, a non profit organization dedicated to the awakening + healing of Humanity. 

Our dream + vision has always been to return to the Garden of Eden, by building the New Earth, together as One Humanity. 

Our Co-Op is a community project dedicated to helping the lovers + givers of Planet Earth gather together, create 5D communities, + be able to meet with like hearted souls.

We are here to share our passion, vision + dream while also providing education and "how-to" from our experience and wisdom.

Givers Gathering Co-Op

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5D Sustainable Communities

We are passionate about learning, teaching + sharing the process of returning Humanity to self-sustainability. We seek to learn + share how to live upon Mother Earth without harming nature, animals or the ecosystem. 

Our passion for protecting + healing Mother Earth has led to our vision for self-sustaining 5D communities that feature home-grown food, eco-friendly building, free energy, + sovereignty.

Givers Gathering Co-Op

Image by Noah Buscher
Image by Shane Rounce

Unity in Community

Our vision is also to assist Humanity in learning how to live, co-create and work together in synergy + harmony. Our vision for 5D communities, as well as gatherings + events, is to bring like-hearted souls together to share skills, knowledge, wisdom + resources. 

Humanity must return to living in harmony with one another, and through building communities and gathering together, we heal the wound of separation and conflict. 

It is through our love of Humanity that we will build the New Earth, working together, with inter-dependence and love as our core values.

Givers Gathering Co-Op

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