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Norfolk Community Support Network
Hotchkiss, CO 

To connect service driven community members with local caregivers, individuals & groups in the community who would benefit directly and immediately from the services offered by our network, partnering to provide expertise, support, and advocacy.

The overall goal of the North Fork Community Support Network is to connect community members to each other and collaborate resources to fill the needs of other community members who are seeking support. Based on the model of reciprocity we have seen community members who have received help, then be willing and heart centered in wanting to give back. Person to person, neighbor to neighbor, human to human.

Nina is the co-owner + founder of Norfolk Community Support Network. She opens her home to all who need a temporary safe space from abuse or unsafe situations. She also opens her home for community potlocks and retreats for those women or others needing childcare assistance, and anyone who seeks a safe refuge and support with their emotional, mental or spiritual lives.

If you would like to contact Nina for assistance or to help support and participate in her community, please contact her at: or at 303-646-7045

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Gilmer, Texas 

This community land in Gilmer, TX is owned by Arielle + Amy. There are 4 elderly horse rescues who enjoy roaming the property as well. 

This land can accomodate raw living such as RV's and also has 2 small bed availabilities within the main house. There is no running water, but spring water is available. 

Equal Energy Exchange $77 per month. 

If you are looking for a temporary space or to enjoy some raw Texas living, please contact the hosts at:


John Hobbs

John is a healer + shaman who is looking to help found a community in Virginia! John has a family of 8, and is looking for up to 26 love beings to found a community with. John is able to provide financial assistance + investment, as well as helping to execute projects to make this dream a reality. If you would like to co-create a community with John, please reach out to him:

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Monroe County, Michigan 

A beautiful 3 acre farm in Michigan that could be a fantastic micro farm and could support the community with food and other essentials. The owner of the farm is interested in hydroponics/aquaponics and other gardening, as well as gathering with like-hearted souls who are awake. 

If you are interested in possibly living and/or working on the farm, please contact the owner Mike at

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Alma Wellness Center
Morgan Hill, CA

To connect Higher Consciousness Individuals, seeking to come together to support off-grid living in Heart-Centered Oneness. Having close connections with local education providers, individuals & groups in the community, Alma Wellness seeks to connect with individuals who would benefit directly from the services and interconnection provided by our network.

The overall goal of Alma Wellness is to connect with potential community members who are seeking an off-grid intentional living situation. Alma Wellness provide New Moon and Full Moon Retreat days on their off-grid community and are looking for others who are willing to collaborate, provide and build resources to fill the needs of the community. Based on the model of reciprocity we have seen community members who have received help, then be willing and heart centered in wanting to give back. Person to person, neighbor to neighbor, human to human.

Alma is the owner + founder of Alma Wellness Center, along with co-founder Trey. They provide 42 Acres of off-grid community living at an altitude of 888ft. 6 Acres are dedicated in honor of each of the 7 main chakras. Their organization is a non-profit. They receive corporate support from local initiatives and support back in equal measure. The property has the capacity to support up to 55 people and they are looking for individuals who are seeking an intentional community who would like to exchange work-trade in order to grow the goals of the community.


The property runs off Solar power, a well and supports off-grid living. They are building an elders nursing center in the Heart Chakra of the property, an All-Love Garden, they are advancing into Digital Production including podcasts, music and community promotion videos. They hold the goal of creating a TV-Network similar to Gaia to broadcast the message of Higher Consciousness.


Currently they host New Moon and Full Moon Gatherings as well as women's circles. They are an organic, no-drugs community offering space for retreats & workshops with an ethos of patience and open heartedness. They are seeking for All interested parties to get in touch

Contact Trey @ 925 548 5684

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Landowner/Community Founder

If you would like to apply to be featured on our page as a Landowner or Community Founder, please send us a message for an application !

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