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How-to's from our wisdom + experience 

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Givers Gathering Guide

A guide to gathering with like-hearted souls

This guide goes through the foundational principles for the gathering of lovers + givers across the Planet.

Self-Growing Guide

A quick guide on planting + growing your own food

This quick guide provides the basics of how to begin your home-grown garden!

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Tegan Mierle

Communal Living Guide

A How-To Guide on Communal Living 

This guide provides the basic outline + foundations to forming your dream New Earth community.

The Feng Shui of Colors

A guide on incorporating the vibration + energy of color into the creation of community spaces

This guide provides the basic outline on the energy of colors and how to incorporate them into spaces for greater synergy and feng shui 

Image by Joyce Hankins
Image by Nathan Watson

Gathering Host Guide

A How-To Guide on Hosting Your Gathering

This is a quick guide to hosting gatherings aligned with Celestial Events including New Moons, Full Moons, Solstices, Equinoxes + Eclipses.

Creating Community
in the Age of Aquarius

A guide on creating communities in the New Age of Aquarius

This guide provides some tips + tools to creating communities in the Age of Aquarius. Whether online or in-person, our communities will now be based on authenticity + vibration.

Image by Johnny Brown
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